Version 4.3.0 is available for download

Soon game is going to be out on Steam (please, add to wishlist!) and Itch.

So I very much like to know that I didn't break anything during the last year of work. Please let me know if anything is odd.

In updated demo:

1. Characters are reworked, old ones conflicted with game's visual style

2. More compact and informative user interface

3. New level with mites for teaching player sharp turns

4. New balance: other system for calculating food value, even easier worm moving, new worm AI

5. Archivements and secrets: console cheat codes are legal now, every archivement reveals something new

This yellow face means achievements and transition to a new level are temporarily blocked due to cheats.

6. Two test levels for split screen mode (with teleports and helmets)

7. Somewhere in the end of the demo you can play with laser beam and ride acid worm!


Insatia - macOS 179 MB
Version Jun 10, 2019
Insatia - Linux 175 MB
Version Jun 10, 2019
Insatia - Windows 175 MB
Version Jun 10, 2019

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10/10 best game

Awesome!!! I  love this game

Thank you! Write it up if you will find some bugs or something like so