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Insatia community

A carnivorous worm simulator

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Retrospection #5
Worm shrinking. When worm's tale is cut off worm head and body lose it's size: Worm straight creeping and highlighting of swallowable objects: Showcase the game...
Retrospection #4
Testing of normal mapping: Draft step of creatures redesign: "plastic" sprites with normal mapping: Draft step (second video) of creatures redesign: "plastic" s...
Retrospection #3
Flies and fleas shadows smothing: Displays and lamps redesign, worm's adrenaline hits, parallax New way to chew and swallow preyramp with lamps and air humidifi...
Retrospection #2
First attempt to redesign old flat worms: I don't remember what this video about: Testing of landscape redesign sketch: Test floor windows, united blood puddles...
Retrospection #1
Hi everyone! We suddenly decided to start a devlog here. For starter, we are offering you some retrospective of more than five years of the game's development...